“I LOVE IT! I can really relate to it. I like the way it’s illustrated, and the cute sense of humor in there really strikes a chord in me with my son. Anyone with an OCD child is going to read The ABC’s of OCD over and over again. Tell Kathleen I think she’s outstanding!”

Parent, K. H., Master Personal Fitness Trainer

“I was sincerely impressed by you. You have a strong sense of wisdom and intelligence for someone so young. Working around children the way we do in the bookstore you get a feel for the children you meet who have something extraordinarily great in them. You have that special spark that says you will be a success in life at what ever you choose to do.”.

Major Chain Bookstore Manager

“Humor, perseverance, and family support are qualities that Kathleen and her family brought with them to therapy. One step at a time Kathleen learned how to “Boss Back OCD” and understand Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in a new way. May others learn from you, Kathleen. Thank you for sharing your experience through the “ABC’s”.

Dr. Miriam DeRiso, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

“What a fantastic book! The Kids Manager also loved it. I definitely want to carry your book here.”

Joseph-Beth Booksellers/Pittsburgh

“Throughout my years in private practice, I have always believed that the greatest source of wisdom comes from the people we serve. This is especially true of our youngest patients, who often see their life situations clearly, and without the filters of theory, statistics or diagnostic guidelines. The insight, humor and warmth of this book is an example of the best resources of the human spirit! Healing comes in many forms and Kathleen Dunn has captured the essence of a difficult disorder that has affected but not defeated her family. It is a tribute to the entire Dunn family that they have chosen to devote their creative energy to provide this beautiful book to educate others. To me “The ABC’s of OCD spell h-o-p-e!”

Mary M. Brand, Ph.D. Psychologist, Alliance Psychological Services, LLC