Welcome to The ABC’s of OCD
where you will meet author 9 year old Kathleen and her quirky BossBaxTM friends. This book provides a whimsical look at a child’s view of dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) challenges and maintaining a sense of humor and calm to cope with daily life.

Kathleen and her older sister Bridget, who also has OCD, share a bedroom. Although they have different compulsions, they talk with each other about how to work through their OCD problems. The life lesson Kathleen and Bridget have learned is that everyone has something they deal with each day and that "Life will be Ok!". These sisters realize the importance of making the best of what life brings and wish to share those lessons with you.

Kate Dunn, Kathleen’s mother, shares with parents that OCD or any mental health challenge can be frustrating, but maintaining a sense of calm during the challenges of daily life helps keep things in perspective. It takes fortitude and courage for your journey, but love your child for who they are and will become. Make sure to count the blessings that each day brings.

It is important for Kathleen to tell her story that even though she has struggled with OCD that “Life will be Ok!”.